21-Year Old Winner Set For Life

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How would you feel if you can suddenly afford to retire at the age of just 21?  We can perhaps ask a Puerto Rico native, and New York resident named Jeanette Pizzaro.  She had just won $1,500 per week for life through a lottery scratch-off game.

She was actually having dinner on September 18 when she remembered that she had earlier bought a scratch-off ticket that she has just set aside.  After scratching the ticket, matching 10’s meant she had won the big prize.

There is always an option to receive the money in a single lump sum payment, but at her young age she showed a lot of wisdom by choosing 20 annual payments  equivalent to $51,600 after taxes.  Because of her decision she will receive a guaranteed minimum of $1,500,000 and will continue to receive annual payments $51,600 a year as long as she lives.

She has a lot of time to enjoy life!

Read more in http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2013/11/newest_nys_lottery_winner_from_central_new_york.html

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