Watch A Man’s Reaction To A £24 Million Lotto Win [video]

January 25th, 2018   ·   Read 2 Comments...

This man already knew he had a winning ticket, he just did not know the how much. Watch his joy when the lottery told him he had won £24 million over the phone!

Amo Riselli had his ticket checked at a lotto outlet so he knew he had matched five numbers and the bonus ball. He was told to call Camelot to confirm the win and learn how much he had actually won. So the video was ready when he got on the phone. But the shock of hearing he had won all of £24 million still caused him to shout hysterically for joy.

He has not intimated how he plans to spend his new fortune, but one thing is clear – he does not have to drive a cab for a living anymore.

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