Lottery Ticket Bookmark Turns Out To Be Worth $5 Million

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A New Jersey woman only meant to buy a $1 scratch off ticket but accepted a $10 dollar one the clerk mistakenly issued. Now she’s happy she spent more than she intended on a lotto ticket.

Oksana Zaharov, of Edgewater, shared that she used the lottery ticket as a bookmark for a good two weeks before deciding to scratch it off. It was at that moment when she was pleasantly surprised to learn she had won the top prize.

But as she had not won anything significant before then, she was very skeptical at first. It was only when she took the winning ticket to the lottery headquarters that she realized she had really won the $5 million jackpot of the Set for Life game.

She will receive 19 annual installments of $260,000 plus another payment of $60,000. After that she will continue to receive $260,000 a year. Not a bad return on a $10 investment.

The lucky winner has not declared how she plans to spend her winnings.


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