$500 For Life Prize Gone In A Few Weeks

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When Malcolm Ramsey, a resident of Loving Care assisted living facility in St. Petersburg began chasing a $500 a week ticket’s top prize, he had been hoping for financial relief.  But when the big win came, he used the cash option and ended up with $403,288 which was gone from his hands in mere weeks.  But there is more to the story.

Malcolm is an elderly resident of Loving care and is mentally incompetent.  That he has began exploring the surroundings of his facility and even began visiting stores for lottery tickets is a big improvement from his life before.

When he won the money a taxi-driver friend helped him get the identification and all other requirements for claiming the prize.  Authorities, however, became suspicious when lots of relatives suddenly started visiting Malcolm and his room began to fill with rubber shoes.   When they investigated, they found that most of the money had gone, leaving only $118,00 after only a week of claiming the prize.  A gift here, a bit of help there, meals, and lots of new clothes.

Police suspect people may have taken advantage of Malcolm.  While investigations are ongoing, the judge appointed a non-profit to be Malcolm’s guardian.  Now Malcolm believes he has lost all of his money, and is chasing a $2,500 a week for life jackpot.

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