Bank President Hits The Jackpot

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Ron Minnaert works as the president of the State Bank of Graymont, but he buys l0ttery tickets just the same.  Apparently, the sight of money every working day of his life since 1979, has not extinguished his dream of having just a bit more.  So he bought a Hit or Miss Illinois Lottery ticket at the Shell Gas Station in Pontiac, and kept it in a checkbook.

When the draw numbers were shown him, he immediately knew he was the winner.  And it was for the tidy sum of $2.25 million.  The prize actually breaks down to $250,000 plus $100,000 per year for the next 20 years.

Lottery officials presented Minnaert,with an oversized check at the gas station where he bought the winning ticket.  The station earned a bonus of $22,500.

Now Minnaert says he can finish renovating his home, and the family will be having a small celebration.


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