Beer Stop Results In $750,000 Jackpot

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A broken down pick-up and a friend’s thirst for beer on the way home facilitated Willie Perry Jr.’s big win.  He was getting his pickup towed home by friend Brian Ragan, when his friend suddenly suggested a stop at a convenience store where Perry happens to buy lottery tickets.

So friend goes and buys beer, and Perry goes and buys a Giant Jumbo Bucks Anniversary Edition ticket.  As they were heading back to their vehicles, Perry scratched the ticket and discovered he had won $750,000.  He immediately called his son to drive him to the Georgia Lottery offices to claim the prize.

Perry received about $500,000 after taxes and has now bought a new vehicle.  He says he plans to keep working, at least for a while, and wants to use the money to pay off mortgage and renovate his house.

The lucky store will receive a bonus for selling the winning ticket.  It had previously sold tickets that won $200,000 and $1 million. And Perry has been lucky of late also, having won $10,000 previous to this win and another $500  after.  He has no plans to quit playing the lottery.


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