Boxer Loses In The Ring Wins In The Lottery

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Damian ‘Bolo’ Wills hit a very rough spot after he lost a close decision and was eliminated on the first round of the UK’s Heavyweight Prizefighter.  That loss was followed closely by his getting released by his then management team right after he got home.  Things got so bad that he was forced to apply for food stamps.

Then things started looking up after he was signed by John Arthur of Journeyman Management.  And then he hit it big, not in boxing, but in the lottery.  Though not a regular lottery player, he bought a “California Black Exclusive Scratchers” ticket on April 11, 2014 and won a million dollars.

Wills says his priority is to buy a home for his family.  And now that he doesn’t have to worry about putting food on the table, he says he plans to concentrate on his boxing career.


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