Chicago Man Wins Three Times In Three Weeks

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We’ve heard a lot of stories about people winning lottery prizes that entitled them to receive weekly payments, usually $500 or $1000 per week.  A Chicago resident did a little better than that by posting  three significant lottery wins in a space of just three weeks.  This may be a story about incredible luck as much as a hint that good things really do come in three’s.

Christopher Kaelin’s first win came via a Crossword instant ticket he bought from Gateway Newstand on Clark Street which won for him $25,000.  He was so happy he took his girlfriend to dinner, and stopped for gas and another Crossword ticket on the way home.  That second ticket produced a prize of $1000.

About a week later he bought another Crossword ticket and saw that it had won what he thought was $25,000.  On second look it became clear that he had won more – $250,000 for his third win.

$276,000 in three weeks!  Not bad for an occasional lottery player.


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