Clerk Wins A Million Dollars

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A poor store clerk who claims to have been working hard all her life has won a $1 million jackpot from the first lottery ticket she has ever bought.

Cindy Reeves bought a $4,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular game ticket from the Shop-N-Go on Market Street, Wilmington.  She scratched it off in her car, but was not sure if she had won anything because it was her first time to play.  She called her boyfriend Rick Jocheim, who explained that the winning number 16 with the $1 million just below it meant she had won a million.

She chose a single cash option that paid $600,000 ($415,206 net of taxes), over an option that would have paid twenty installments of $50,000.  She plans to settle all her debts, visit Disney World and North Carolina mountains.


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