Clerk’s Error Gives Man $1 Million Ticket

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Lottery bounty found a back route to Arturo Hernandez, who says he had always hoped to win but did not expect it.  A clerk had sold him two $20 “Lifetime Riches” instant-scratch game tickets.  Only problem was, it was not the game Hernandez had asked for.  Still he accepted the tickets and scratched them.

The Iowa Lottery now says that Hernandez has a right to the winnings from the tickets, one of which revealed a top prize of $1 million.  They reason out that Hernandez knowingly accepted the tickets even if they were not the ones he had asked for.

Hernandez, whose family owns a restaurant that is moving to a new location shortly, says part of the money will be invested in the restaurant, part of it will be saved.  He chose to receive a single payment of $650,000 before taxes.


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