Construction Workers Share £7 Million Win

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painterMany people join lottery syndicates to increase their chances of winning, even if the win will be shared among its members.  But for two long time friends and colleagues in the construction business, all it took was a vow to “see each other right” if ever one of them wins the lottery.  To this end, Willie Sibbald of Edinburgh and his friend Rab Layden played the lottery for many years, with each man buying two tickets per week.  Their goal was to make sure if one of them wins, the other will never have to work again.

A lucky dip ticket was all it took to give Sibbald a £7 million jackpot, or at least part of it; he has declared that he will honor the vow and share the winnings with his best mate of 17 years.  Both men have since put in their notice.

Both men are fortunate to have enough money so they don’t have to worry about working; they are more lucky for having found in each other a true friend.


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