Deli Owner & Son Arrested On $1 Million Ticket Scam

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An immigrant from Hempstead, who does not speak English bought a $10 “Unwrap The Cash” scratch-off New York Lottery ticket from the Peninsula Deli and Grocery on Thursday.  He then handed the ticket to store clerk and store owner’s son Karim Jaghab, who scanned it and discovered it had won $1 million, then kept the ticket but paid only $1,000 to the man, saying that is all he won.

When the man returned to the Deli next day to ask about the real amount of his winnings, Karim told him he would pay $10,000 to the winner if the police were not called in.  Nabil Jaghab, store owner and Karim’s father, also claimed that $10,000 was all the customer had won.

Suspicious, the man called the police.  Initially the Jaghabs claimed it was a mistake and they had thrown the ticket away, but then detectives found the ticket and arrested the Jaghabs.  They Jaghabs are now out on bail after being slapped with grand larceny charges.


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