Do Lucky Lottery Stores Really Exist..?

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Is there such a thing as a lucky lottery store? If you buy from a certain place will you have a better chance of winning?

It’s pretty common to see. You see signs at stores that have sold big winning tickets. You see stories in the newspapers and on TV that talk about lucky stores that have created multiple jackpot winners.

I came across this article today which covers some specific lucky stores. Places with 16 winners, 10 winners etc. But the sales assistant inadvertently hits on the reason this kind of story actually makes it to press.

And the reason is pretty straightforward.

It sells more tickets.

So the lottery companies actively encourage this belief, and generate media coverage around it.

Not only does it sell more tickets for the stores that manage to promote themselves as lucky, but also for the lottery company overall. Because they sell more if players think they can do anything to ‘get an edge’ over everyone else.

As that sales assistant said – a lot of people come to the store because it seems like a lucky place.

In reality of course, it makes no difference at all where you buy a ticket.

The store owner himself was much closer to the truth. He isn’t surprised at the number of winners they’ve had. Because they prioritise lottery sales.

In other words – they sell more tickets.

And that’s what really creates more winners at a particular store. Over a period of time, if a store sells 10 times as many tickets it will create 10 times as many winners.

Luck only happens once the draw is over and it turned out to be your ticket that was the winner. That’s real luck.

And deep down we all know this to be true, but we do like to listen to that little voice in our heads that says ‘why not try this crazy trick – what if it did make a difference…’.

Do you do anything to try and create more luck? Do you buy from a ‘lucky store’? Or use a lucky scratch off penny? Add a comment below.

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