EuroMillions Winners Forgot To Buy Ticket

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Ouch, that would have been a depressing moment.

Susan and Lee Mullen from Grimsby religiously bought their single ticket for the EuroMillions every week. Until the birth of their daughter. Things were just too tight and they couldn’t spare the cash anymore.

So when they realised their regular numbers had come up – and they hadn’t bought a ticket – they were understandably ‘totally gutted’.

That was it they though, their chance had gone.

But lady luck had other plans for the couple.

They started playing again at the beginning of the year using a lucky dip entry. And incredibly just 6 weeks later, last Friday, they got all 5 numbers plus the two lucky stars. The Mullen’s had just won £4,873,639.80.

Mrs Mullen, who is registered disabled after back surgery for a prolapsed disc caused nerve damage, said the money would make a huge difference since the family had been living off just £300 a week for a long time.

The couple said they were still trying to get used to being millionaires, even to the extent that instead of putting in their usual £5 or £10 of petrol they decided to ‘go crazy’ and put in £20.

Mr Mullen said he would also be keeping his T-registered Ford Mondeo car because it would remind him of his roots.

He said: ‘I’m going to keep it because every time I look at that car it’s going to remind me I’m not above anyone else.’


The Mullens sound like really nice folks and deserve the large piece of luck that just landed in their laps.

It’s also nice to see reports of a lucky dip winning. Every combination has the same chance of winning – and lucky dip winners happen more often than you think.

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