Fireman Wins A Cool Million

January 6th, 2014   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Harland Adams who works  a fireman from Marshall has won a million dollars from the North Carolina Education Lottery to start of 2014 with a bang.

He posted his big win by scratching Holiday Gold tickets at the Citistop on Weaverville Highway in Asheville on new year’s eve.  Immediately after he discovered his win, the store erupted in a raucous celebration which Adams described as having “busted my eardrum.”

He claimed his prize in the new year and says he has no plans for the money yet, but will ensure it is put to good use.  One of those uses maybe to replace an old 1983 Ford F150 when the truck finally quits on him.

He was eligible for 20 annual payments of $50,000 but Adams chose to receive a single payment of $415,203 net of  state and federal taxes.  He was one of the first beneficiaries of a reduction on state taxes from lottery winnings.


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