Fort Wayne Man Post Third Lottery Win

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Roger Douglas of Fort Wayne, Indiana sure is lucky with numbers.  After posting wins of $250,000 in November 2001 and $25,000 in a holiday raffle way back in November 21, 2006, he is back in the winning circle.  Roger has just bagged a $1 million jackpot from the Million Dollar Holiday Scratch-off game of the Hoosier Lottery.  All that luck, when most of us are still dreaming of the first big win that  we may never see come to pass.

He says that when he won $2250,000, he thought that was it – he had probably gotten the win of a lifetime.  But he continued betting anyway, and now has won twice more.

As for the money, Roger wants to pay off mortgages, help their adopted children, and save most of it.


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