Fortune Cookie Predicted Man’s $1Million Lottery Win

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I have never believed in horoscope, much less fortune cookie pronouncements keeping the opinion that these are either made in fun, or to take advantage of the more gullible among us.  Hearing of how a fortune cookie inspired a man to buy a lottery entry that won $1 million, has cast some doubt in my arguments.

A fortune cookie that was part of a meal William Johnson was taking at a chinese reataurant in Southwick Massachussets said he would  “come into a lot of gold”.  Taking the advice, Johnson purchased a $10 Massachusetts Millionaire Mania scratch card.  Not fully believing the prediction, however, he waited a few days before scratching the ticket and finding our he is richer by a million dollars.

Johnson chose a single-pay option that will pay him a lump sum of $650,000.


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