Friday The 13th Purchase Wins A Million Dollars

September 27th, 2013   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

While many people believe that the number thirteen or anything related to it, especially Friday the thirteenth, is very unlucky, Julie Hemstreet may disagree.  Feeling lucky last September 13, she followed a hunch and bought a Cash Blowout scratch off ticket that caught her eye at a store, which won for her a cool million dollars.

Julie is sure glad she insisted on getting the very ticket that caught her attention.  After going to work and scratching the ticket, her good fortune was revealed.  She retired the very next day.

After working split timings taking care of handicapped clients for 24 years, she now wants to have a little enjoyment in life.  That begins with buying a vintage tractor and a truck for her husband.  A few trips may just follow that.

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