Gift Lotto Ticket Wins A Million

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On his birthday John Spotswood received a mini-cheesecake and three lottery tickets from his sister.  It is common among their family to give lottery tickets for birthdays, so he finished the cheesecake but only scratched off the tickets next morning.

That is when the first ticket won $25, and one of the other two showed he had won $1 million.  Thinking it was a gag gift, he asked his girlfriend to verify, and she confirmed his win.  Even then he would not believe till the lottery people told him.

He chose a cash option of $555,912 after taxes, instead of twenty annual installments totaling $1 million.  He plans to invest most of it so he can retire a bit earlier, though not anytime soon.  He has taken his sister to breakfast, and given her lottery tickets on her birthday.  She was not as lucky and won only $19.


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