Neighbours Graduation Card Worth $10,000

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Tracy Basinger’s 18 year old son, Ryan, had a pile of congratulations cards he was working through. He just graduated from La Porte High School on 5th June.

On opening the card from his next door neighbour, Bonnie Deistler, a scratch off lottery ticket for the Hoosier lottery fell out.

Ryan scratched the ticket.

He’d won $5,000.

But he wasn’t done yet. He scratched some more.

He’d won $7,000.

Excited yelling commenced, bringing his mother rushing over to find out what was happening.

They checked over the ticket again – and agreed, he had definitely won.

Ryan headed to neighbour Kevin’s house for a third opinion. But quickly realised there was more scratching to do.

A few moments later he had three more $1,000 symbols – and a new total of $10,000.

They went over to neighbour Bonnie to thank her for the card:

Her jaw just dropped, and I hugged her and said thanks.

And was neighbour Bonnie upset at having given away a $10,000 winner? Not a bit of it – she was more than happy for Ryan:

If I hadn’t bought it, it could have been anyone who didn’t really need it. I know that it’s going toward his schooling.

Ryan has plans for his big win. Some will go on his Dodge Ram 1500 truck, but the rest will be used for his future college plans. He has an application in for IUSB for a course in criminal justice.

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