Granddaughter Leads Man To A Million Dollars

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There are many stories about how a person wins a lottery, but the story of an Arkansas grandfather who won a million dollars from the Millinaire Madness scratch off game stands out.  Donald Duke attributes his win to a persistent  granddaughter.

Donald was in a convenience store with no intention to buy a lottery ticket when his granddaughter insisted he buy one.  His decision to accede to her wish later led to a million dollar payout from the $20 ticket.

After he scratched of the bar code, a check with a validating machine revealed a message saying he needs to get his prize at a claim center.  When he scratched of the numbers at home, he found the value of his prize.

Now Donald wants to save some of the money, get his house fixed and send a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.


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