Inconvenience Led To $1.3 Million Lottery Win

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When Gaurav Sharma’s eight-year old son prompted him to gas-up at the nearest station, he was a little peeved he had to get his receipt from the station’s convenience store instead of at the gas pump.  But that led him to spot a ticket at the store and use the last two dollars on his pocket to purchase it on a whim.

He decided to immediately scratch the ticket which more than made up for the bit of inconvenience when it won the top $1,000 a week for life prize.  Sharma is set to receive $1, 000 a week for the next 25 years, or a total of $1.3 million, as he chose the annuity option.  Not too bad for a $2 bet.

The gas stop filled more than his car’s gas tank.  Now his wallet will be full for the next 25 years!


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