Kevin Boson Wins $3.25M Scratcher Bounty

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Retired truck driver Kevin Boson has been scratchers lottery tickets for sometime now.  He has won prizes of $2,000 and $1,000 in the past but never dreamed that a $5 ticket will change his financial standing in such a big way.  A California Lucky Life Scratchers ticket he had purchased at a t-eleven store in La Mesa proved to be the lucky charm.

As he scratched the ticket, he could not believe his eyes when the ‘Life’ symbol was revealed.  Having played scratchers lottery before, he was well aware he had won the top prize.  He plans to receive the full $3.25 million in prizes, less any taxes, so he opted to be paid in installments of $2,500 per week.

Boson has revealed that he wants to buy a new house and pay off his car.  He revealed his strategy for playing as never sticking to one store – he buys his tickets from as many different stores as possible.

77-year old Tessie Paiva of San Diego also became a millionaire having snagged $1 million from the Powerball lottery.  She calls her win “a blessing from the Lord.”


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