Lottery Itch Results In $500K Scratch-off Jackpot

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Dietra Lovell, a home health worker constantly gets a ribbing from her family for playing the lottery.  As she plays almost every day, her mother Jo Ann complains that all her money goes into buying lottery tickets.  Her constant itch to buy lottery tickets paid off after she scratched-off a $500,000 jackpot from a $5 Luck Bucks ticket.

Deitra, who is secretive and shuns the limelight, did not even tell her own mother that she had won.  She herself found it very hard to believe that she had hit the big money.

While she may now get back at her relatives for all the ribbing she endured, she is unaware that somehow her mother has found out she had won a big jackpot.  That is why Jo Ann was not surprised when her daughter said she would take her out to dinner Thursday.

She believes her win is a blessing from God.  She wants to use the money to pay off debts and help out her mother.  She has no plans to quit working, and has no vacations lined up.  If only all winners were this sensible with their money!


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