Lottery Miracle Funds Visit To Sick Nephew

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Conrad Selle received word from his sister in France that his 7-year-old nephew, is losing a hard-fought battle with leukemia. His sister even suggested that if he wants to see his nephew, he should visit France now.  Conrad was painfully aware that his finances will not allow a visit to France, barring a minor miracle.  He was given just that.

He says that though he only occasionally plays the lottery, something told him to buy a ticket as he was on his way home that night.  He purchased a $20 Illinois Millions ticket, and headed home.  When he scratched the ticket, he found that he had won a prize of $10,000.

He sincerely believes that his win is a gift from God, to allow him and  his 15-year old son to visit his nephew in France.  His faith has also strengthened and he is now praying for a bigger miracle – his nephew’s survival.


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