Lotto Winner Wants To Buy A Nice House

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Donald Skillens is a fan of Missouri Lottery Scratchers games and would often purchase tickets of his favorite game.  His playing strategy paid off handsomely when he won a $100,000 prize from the “50X The Cash”  scratchers game.

The 64-year old Springfield man purchased the winning ticket from the Kum % Go in Springfield, and just took it home.  As he sat opposite his TV, he decided to scratch the tickets.  One of the tickets was marked with a $2000 prize.  Scratching revealed a 50x multiplier making his total prize $100,000. Skillens admits to letting out al little scream at the time.

He called his sister in California just to make sure he got the figures right.  And now he’s decided to purchase a nice house.  He will continue buying lottery tickets and hopes to land another big prize.


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