Man To Share £7million Lottery Win With Friend

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When Willie Sibald, a painter and decorator, posted a huge £7 million lottery win many would have expected the company he works for would lose one man.  The company he works for actually lost two men – Sibald and Rab Layden,his friend and colleague of seventeen years, both decided to retire then and there.

The two close friend had actually made a pact that should either of them win the lottery, he would see that the other will never need to work again.  To this end, they each bought two lottery tickets a week for the past two years.  It was Sibald who officially won, but the winnings will be shared in accordance with their agreement.

Other plans for the money now includes a Rolls Royce, after Sibald learns to drive.  Sibald purchased the winning lucky dip ticket from the newsagent’s in Moredun Park Road, Moredun.


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