Man Wins 20 Year Pension From Illinois Lottery

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While visiting a local store named Dominick’s, Anel Bajtarevic was attracted to the signs on a  lottery ticket machine that advertized $20,000 a week for 20 years; he bought a ticket from the machine, which had only been installed at the store a month earlier and won bigtime.

The 26 year old man from Chicago set the record for winning the biggest instant lottery prize ever in Illinois;  Anel Bajtarevic won a huge sum of $20.8 million.  There  is a bit of a catch, however, as prizes for instant lottery games are only paid over a course of 20 years, with no provision for collecting the jackpot in a single payment.

Now Anel should not have financial worries for the next 20 years at least.  As for Dominick’s, the store will receive a $208,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket; having the machine installed may be the best investment the store has ever made.


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