Man Wins Lottery Jackpot After He Stopped Smoking

January 21st, 2014   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

When someone advises you to kick the nicotine habit, you may want to listen.  Daniel Shelton of New Jersey will tell you that quitting smoking has paid off for him in a very pleasantly unexpected way.

After stopping his smoking habit, Shelton tried to occupy his now empty hands by purchasing scratch-off lottery tickets. Early this month, one of the tickets he bought landed the top prize in the New Jersey Lottery’s “$500 a Week for Life” instant game.

He had bought the lucky ticket on Jan. 6 at Quick Chek on Broad Street in Bloomfield.  It was the second of three “$500 a Week for Life” instant game tickets earmarked to win the top prize, leaving one still in play.


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