Man’s $4 Million Win Prompts Retirement

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Bob Bytnar’s recent lottery win can be considered an answered prayer.  His daughter and grand-daughter have been praying for God to provide a way for Bob to retire, and now he is.

Though this is not 65-year old Bob’s first jackpot win, this is much bigger: a $4 million jackpot from a Gold Bullion scratch-off ticket.  This has prompted him to retire from his midnight shift job at General Dynamics.

Bob called his daughter to relay the good news only after he had double-checked just to be sure.  But because his daughter had known him to pull off jokes before, he was not believed at first.

Bob wants to use the money to operate a family-owned ice cream and fudge shop which he had promised his late wife he will not allow to close.  He considers the work on the ice cream store fun not work, so effectively he is still retired.


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