Occasional Player Wins $3 Million

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There are many people who spend a long time playing the lottery before winning anything significant.  There are those who have played the lottery for a long time and are still waiting for that one lucky jackpot.  Then there are people like Doug Smith, who rarely plays the lottery and still manages to win a substantial amount of money.

When the diner manager picked up the check for breakfast for Smith and a co-worker on April 9, he used the $20 left in his hand to buy two $100 Million Payout tickets.  As he scratched the ticket in his truck, the work jackpot appeared.  The amount was for $3 million.

The overjoyed Smith took a pre-tax lump sum of $2.3 million which gave him $1.7 million net of all taxes.  He’s still not sure how he will spend the money but knows he wants to take some time off from work.

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