Playing The El Gordo 2018 Christmas Draw From The USA

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El Gordo for the USAI love the Christmas El Gordo draw. Not because it’s the best lottery game in the world, but because it’s probably the most INSANE game in the world 🙂

But unfortunately if you live in the US it’s difficult to find anywhere you can get tickets.

(Update: I have just managed to find one good option for you for this year though – so see below).

The jackpot pool is measured in billions, and you get hundreds of top prizes rather than just the one.

And the actual draw process itself is unlike anything else in the world! Just watch the brief video of it here. Nothing like it!

I treat myself to a ticket every year to join in the fun. It’s a Christmas present to me from the dog 😉

Playing From The USA

2018 UPDATE: We haven’t been able to find anywhere we can recommend for US players this year. Sorry :-(. You can try the options for USA players here though.

After much researching, I have managed to find a decent option for US players.

If you get a ticket from here, you’ll get a reasonable price on a ‘decimo’ ticket.

That’s a syndicate option which gives the lowest price to play. If you want to own 100% of a decimo ticket and all winnings that come from it, then go here instead. It’s not the best price online, but options are severely limited for American lottery fans (sorry!).

Remember that El Gordo tickets come pre-printed with numbers so there is no picking numbers here. That also means once the numbers sell out, that’s it, they’re gone.

Ticket prices online vary so much for El Gordo – it’s not unusual to see 3-5 times the normal ticket price! The place I found is a lot cheaper than that, and has been running since 2002.

You also have to be careful when you buy online that you’re getting tickets for the right game!

Because most people outside of Spain refer to the special Christmas draw as simply ‘El Gordo’ (which means ‘the fat one’!). But this particular El Gordo draw is actually called ‘Loteria de Navidad’.

So  be careful to double check that the ticket is actually for the draw on 22nd December and not earlier!

Good luck.

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