Popsicle Run Leads To Cool Lotto Win

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Elizabeth Stevens had been playing the lottery regularly, but could barely afford the tickets of late since her husband Tom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Tom needed a regular supply of popsicles to soothe his throat which often felt dry.  As she was in the  store to replenish their popsicle supply,  she felt an urge to buy tickets so she bought four.

When she got home she used a penny she found on the outside the store to scratch them.   What she found on one of the tickets was way cooler than any of the popsicles – a $100,000 prize.  They received $71, 000 net of taxes.

The happy couple revealed that the money could not have come at a better time, and will come handy for when Tom has to get his medical treatments.  Elizabeth says they will also pay off their car, keep part of the money in the bank and take a trip somewhere when Tom has recovered.

Read more in http://fox8.com/2014/02/28/trip-to-store-for-popsicles-leads-to-amazing-lottery-win/

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