Powerball Redrawn After Technical Issues [video]

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The NZ Lottery’s Powerball draw hit a snag. And it was caught on live TV. Watch this!

There was a hitch during the NZ Powerball draw on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was all caught on TV!

During the drawing of the Powerball number, the ball with the number 6 appeared to settle on the tube. The announcer then called out the number six as the Powerball number. But then disaster struck. Before the tube can elevate, some of the other balls which were still spinning hit the number six ball and caused it to fall out.

The announcer said then that the Powerball will have to be redrawn off-air under the observation of an audit team. The number one was drawn and was declared the official Powerball for the draw.

Many were outraged saying the number 6 should have been retained as Powerball. However, some defended the NZ lottery by saying that the number 6 ball never made it out, and that the lottery was just following its rules.

The jackpot for next week’s draw increased to $6 million!

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