Retirees Post Big Lottery Win

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This time the winners are retired casino workers who’ve seen a lot of big winners walk past them.  During that time they looked forward to the day when it would be their turn to win.  Mary Beaudoin and Peter O’Quinn’s turn at the limelight came when an Atlantic Lottery Set for Life ticket they purchased revealed they had won the top prize.

The couple who have been together for thirty-five years but have never taken the time to get married may just do so now that they have come into big money.   And the money could not have come at a better time,  with them so beset by financial difficulties they could not afford to buy a replacement for a 14 year old car.

They chose a single payment of $675,000 over an option to receive $1,000 a week for the next 25 years.  The pair now plan to pay off bills, buy their own home, and purchase a new car.  They have said they don’t intend to change their lifestyle much, and if that means they will continue playing the lottery, the future may bring them more wins.


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