Rock Hill Man’s Win Proves Persistence Pays

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Wylie Craig has been buying entries to the South Carolina Education Lottery scratch-off games for more than ten years; in fact he had been placing bets since the $5 scratch-offs were sold in 2002.  His persistence finally paid off with a $125,000 grand prize win.

The chances of winning in the scratch-off game is just 1 in 495,000.  Wylie claims it has nothing to do with luck, as he had been investing on $5 bets for many years.   He jokingly says it may have taken that many bets to win; of course it is just an exaggeration.

His brother Max owns the store where he bought the winning ticket, and was awarded $1250.

79 year old Wylie still has no plans for the money and is content knowing he’s gone from broke to having a small fortune.


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