Taxi Driver Just Knew He Would Win Big

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While many lottery players keep buying tickets while never really believing they would win, Dorset taxi driver Malcolm Dennett was convinced that it was just a matter of time before he won big.  He even favored the Spar/Triangle Stores in Upton which sold him a ticket that won a £1,200 in the past; he believed it was a lucky store.

All of his beliefs about the lucky store and eventually winning big were validated when one of his tickets won a £111,223.30 prize.  As if to drive home the point that he was meant to win, he says he would not have bought the winning ticket if he had known the prize was no longer on a roll.

A bit of the win from the lucky dip Euromillions ticket will go towards home renovation, and a larger chunk will go to investments intended to make their family more financially secure.

This may not be the last we’ll hear of Dennett, as he says he believes that there is another big win waiting for him in the future.


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