Very Lucky Man Wins $5 Million Jackpot; Then Wins $5,500 More The Same Day

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Bob Jenei, 72, of Strasburg has won lottery jackpots in the past totaling about $100,000; you can say that he’s had his share of luck in lotteries where the odds of winning are counted in the millions to one.  Apparently, his run of luck is far from over.

When he went to Fro’s Drive Thru to purchase his tickets, a $20 Cash Blow Out scratch-off won a $5 million jackpot.  And as if that wasn’t enough luck for one day, a Mega Playbook ticket won him another $5,500.

Bob is now consulting accountants about splitting the bounty among three children.  That should help him finalize plans for distributing his money among his children; unless he wins yet again.


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