Vietnamese-American Wins $3.25 Million

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A Vietnamese refugee who left his home country as a penniless man in 1979 has won a $3.25 million dollar jackpot from the Lucky For Life scratch-off game of the California Lottery.

Phan Duc, a mechanic from San Jose had bought the $5 ticket from the Super Liquor and Food store on Sierra Road.  He then went outside and realized he had a winning ticket when he  read the word “life”.  The jackpot win entitles him to  $2500 dollars per week for the next 25 years.

He was so happy that when he went back to work, he told a co-worker.  He later had to stop his co-worker from spreading the news around.

The modest man, still has modest dreams.  He wants to buy a car with air conditioning, buy a house, and see his through children college.  He also wants to visit his home country.  For Phan Duc at least, this would be the fulfillment of the American Dream.


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