Widow And Daughter Share Lottery Winner’s Prize

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One would think that a person who wins a million dollar lottery prize is blessed, and in most cases that holds true, but not Urooj Khan who died less than two months after winning a lottery jackpot.  After his death from cyanide poisoning, his two heirs are about to split the proceeds from that prize.

His daughter Jasmeen Khan will get a third of $424,000 after taxes, and his widow Shabana Ansari, will get the rest.  In addition, her daughter will inherit 5 condos worth a total of $250,000 while widow Ansari will keep three laundry shops she co-owned with the late Urooj Khan worth about $1,000,000.

Investigation into the death of Khan followed a request by a suspicious relative.  Under the terms of the settlement between Khan’s daughter and widow, they agree not to sue each other with regard to Khan’s death, unless the investigation turns up new evidence.

Read more in http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/widow-split-1m-lottery-winner-estate-daughter-prior-marriage-article-1.1546167

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