FEATURE: Lottery Winner Of The Month – May 2016

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Lottery Winners Kevin and Michele Jones

Lotto Win Allows Bus Driver To Retire In Style

When D&G Bus Company driver Kevin Jones learned that his fortunes have suddenly changed for the better, he was in the middle of his morning driving shift.  The good news came via a phone call from his wife telling him the lottery had confirmed they had indeed won a £6,162,138 jackpot.  As excitement set in, he realized it may jeopardize his passengers’ safety if he continued driving till the end of his shift.

Jones then decided to call his boss to ask for the rest of the day off because “something major had happened.” His boss became so concerned and wanted to know the details.  As the lucky driver relayed the news of his win, a passenger who overheard the conversation congratulated him and remarked that he’d never been driven around by a millionaire before!

A Bit Of History

Life has not always been so kind to Kevin Jones and his wife Michele.  Before the big win Kevin has been working 12 hour shifts as a bus driver just to make ends meet.

They thought they had it made several years back when they settled in Spain.  But two burglaries in just one weekend spoiled it for them.  They lost everything they had and his wife was so frightened that they had to return to the UK.

For sure the couple were devastated after having lost all their possessions, but they kept their heads down and weathered the storm.  They settled in Crewes and lived simply; he found work as a bus driver, and his wife as a teaching assistant.  They did not lose hope.  In fact, instead of just dreaming of a better future, they played the lottery and hoped they’d somehow beat the odds to post a jackpot win.

The odds of winning were low, but someone is bound to win sometime.  And on one Wednesday draw, divine providence decided it was time for them to be rewarded.  A lucky dip ticket gave them a windfall they had been dreaming of.

What They Have Been Up To Since

Now that he is financially secure, Jones has bought two season tickets to watch Everton play football.  He says he will now have the time to watch games with his son more often, as he is giving his notice to the bus company.

His wife has found her dream home which he now intends to purchase.  An avid gardener, he says their future home has lots of garden space. Through this stroke of luck the couple are now free to enjoy their sunset years in luxury.

With their huge windfall, Jones says his son, daughter and granddaughter will be taken care of.  Jones is so happy he even played a prank on a lottery ticket seller by asking if she knew who won the £6,162,138 jackpot, then watching the disbelief in her face when he introduced himself as the winner.

Jones’ Secret To Success

It was a lucky dip which gave the Jones couple the win they had been waiting for.  As such it was a common entry – no more and no less likely to win than any other.  The odds of bagging the jackpot remains at a low 1 in 45 million.  But how come the Joneses came out winners?

Michele Jones says they have always been positive people.  They are so positive that she says during the lowest times they knew things would get better someday.  But even they were surprised by how much better it is now.  They continued working, dreaming and hoping the lottery will gift them with a win someday.

But with or without the lottery win, the Joneses are already winners.  With a positive attitude that allows them to make the best of every situation, they are bound to make their life better eventually.  The huge lottery windfall is just the proverbial icing on the cake!

So a big congratulations to Kevin and Michele Jones from us at Lottery-Syndicate-World.com – a pair of deserving winners who we hope thoroughly enjoy everything their big win brings them. Want to say congratulations to them too? Just add your message below.

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  • George Philipose

    Congratulations Kevin and Michele. My home is in India. I follow the Lottery Blog always to get such news. Once when I visited the UK I played the lottery as well as the football forecast. Once I won £443. As I am an Indian I cannot play the UK lottery – but I follow the results even now.

    Once more I congratulate you and wish you a very happy life.


  • Sharen

    Congratulations on your big win. May you enjoy a well deserved life you and your family blessed be 🙂 Sharen

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