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Dawn Jones lottery winner

Hardworking Nurse Wins A Fortune

You would think that when a kind and hardworking nurse wins big in the lottery, she will be greeted with wide smiles at work. But that is not exactly what happened when Dawn Jones reported back to work after winning millions. Disbelieving glares was what her workmates had for her.

Her friends at work knew how hard it’s been for Jones these past few years. They found it hard to believe she would still want to work after winning a $7 million lottery jackpot. They really expected her to retire from work!

Who She Is

Jones had been born and raised in Trenton. Though she moved out in 1998 she had been back since 2011. She has daughters she hopes will be able to go to college.

Life has not been easy on Jones who admits she lives in a not so ideal location and still has outstanding student loans. She uses hard work to overcome financial difficulties. She actually has two jobs: as a full time nurse at the Kindred Hospital in Rahway, and as a part time nurse at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital in Hammonton. A typical work week sees her working anywhere from 44 to 60 hours.

You can easily imagine what it must have been like having long working hours and still have to look after her daughters. She would have had little time for herself, but she had enough time to dream. She dreamt of sending her daughters to college. On her pay alone, that would have been next to impossible unless her children won scholarships. But she thought maybe if she won the lottery, college for her daughters will be more than just a dream.

How She Won

Dawn played the lottery without really thinking she would win. Perhaps playing just gave her some hope her dreams for her children can come true. She began playing the same set of numbers every week in 2003. The combination she chose included her birthday, her daughters’ birthday and someone else’s birthday.

When the winning numbers for the Aug. 08 draw of the Cash4Life game was announced it sounded familiar so she asked her daughter to check. When her daughter confirmed it, she was silently screaming with joy but not yet fully convinced.

She called a fellow nurse to double-check results and for some medical advice; she was having chest pains and thought she might have a heart attack. She was told to just breathe and she would be fine. And her friend also confirmed her win. She had really won the top prize of $1,000 a day for life!

Given a choice of receiving $1,000 a day for life or a single payment of $7,000,000 she chose the latter. Taxes will pare down her take home prize to a little less than $4.7 million – a huge fortune for a hard-up nurse working two jobs.

What’s Changed Since

Now, at last, she is free from financial worries. With money from her win she has bought a new house at a better location. Other than that nothing much has changed – she remains the same hardworking nurse.

Her prize should be enough for her to retire on but Dawn Jones is having none of those thoughts. She says she will continue working not just one but both jobs. With all her money her co-workers can’t understand why she wants to keep on working, but she has her reasons. Jones says she loves her nursing jobs and she wants to remain a millionaire. Having known how it is to be poor, she is determined to make her fortune last.

She has settled her student loans. She is saving some of the money so her daughters can go to college if they want to. And as for herself, she wants to travel to the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Dubai and Africa.

Now here is a winner who has her feet firmly planted on the ground. With her attitude, her windfall may even outlive her to benefit her daughters. She still plays anyway, every week, using the same set of numbers, hoping that maybe she will win yet again.

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  • Jessica Brown

    Congratulations and keep working (but not two jobs) as those winnings won’t last forever if you do not invest wisely. I don’t know you but I am happy for you and your family. Don’t forget to give to your favorite charity.

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