Woman Blessed To Have Generous Co-Workers [video]

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We have heard about stories that are too good to be true.  How about one that involves a lottery jackpot, that not only sounds too good to be true, but actually happened?

For Jennifer Maldonado, who was not blessed with winning the lottery, blessing came in the form of kind and generous co-workers.

Asked to pitch in to a lottery pool by her co-workers, Jennifer had begged off since she has not even received her first paycheck yet.  Imagine her dismay when, she went to work one morning to find the rest of the office jumping up and down with joy, for having hit the lottery jackpot.

She found that her  office mates were her real blessing, however, when they informed her that they have all decided to give her a share of the winnings, even if she had not joined their syndicate.

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