Woman Claims Her Share Of Jackpot After Five Years.

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One day back in 2008, Kong Rye Prisk,  a manager at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, felt so lucky that she invited co-worker Michael Piccolino to contribute $5 to buy scratch-off tickets, with the understanding that they would split winnings evenly.  One of the tickets for the $500-a-week-for-life game won the grand prize, but she didn’t get to see any money for five long years.

Though she had asked her daughter to buy the tickets, she allowed co-worker Michael to scratch them off.  When Michael saw the winner, he declared it a loser, pocketed it, and later laid a claim for the winnings for himself.

When Prisk took Michael to court, his story unraveled and it was proven that Prisk daughter had bought the ticket, directly contravening his statements that he bought the ticket.  This set the stage for proving that they had verbal contract to split any winnings.

The jury ruled in favor of Prisk who was awarded half of all the proceeds from the winning ticket, plus punitive damages of $15,000 from Piccolino.  It took five years and a lengthy trial but for Prisk justice has finally been served.

Read more in http://citizensvoice.com/news/lackawanna-jury-awards-woman-disputed-lottery-winnings-1.1554813

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