$1M lottery winner: Fourth time the charm for Stormville man [video]

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Do you want to know how this lucky man finally won a lottery jackpot? Watch this:

This story is sure to make you feel good. A fencing contractor gets interviewed after winning a million dollars of an instant lottery ticket. What did it take for him to win?

As the man describes it, part of his morning routine is to buy three lottery tickets and scratch them off before he starts to work. That may be part of the secret as his persistence was finally rewarded. You can also say that tweaking his routine may have helped. The day he  won he bought four tickets instead of the usual three. It was the fourth ticket which won the jackpot.

As soon as he saw the word jackpot on the ticket he knew he had something big. It turns out the Super Tripler Cash scratcher was a million dollar winner. He immediately phone his wife with the good news.

They have since bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee. They also plan to go on vacations, buy a van, and a home near Jersey Shore. While he has no plans to retire yet, he’s happy to have to option to do just that whenever he wants.

Read more in http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/news/local/2017/11/02/lottery-winner-stormville-man/822125001/

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