£7 Million Lottery Winner Can’t Stand Retirement

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We have all heard the saying that money does not guarantee happiness.  Yet a lot of us play the lottery in the hopes of landing a big win, sure to put a smile on our faces.  But happiness is really about being able to do what we want to, as Ivan Westbury of Mapperly Plains can attest.

He was a simple man who worked and co-owned a lightning protection business.  The company was on a rough spot, and he said then it would take a lottery win to bail them out; it was only a short while when a lucky dip ticket he bought won £7 million from the National Lottery.

After his win he tried retirement but he craved work, so he invested part of his winnings to save the company where he still works.  He has made very few changes in the life he loves, and has given generously to charity.

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