Are Lottery Winners Happier? Hell YES!

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We regularly hear the stories of ‘lottery winners gone bad’ – but that’s just because we’re obsessed with bad luck stories for some crazy reason. So that’s what the press give us.

The fact is, unhappy lottery winners who end up broke are rare.

Research Proves It

Research by the University of Gothenburg has shown the vasy majority of lottery winners are happier after they win.

Anna Hedenus from the University studied Swedish lottery winners as her thesis. And in her survey of 420 Swedish lottery winners she asked questions about the winners attitudes to work and leisure before and after the win, and about their consumption and identity.

Some emphasised that their wins were not really that big, but in doing so were really just setting their own priorities. So most winners actually prefer not to dramatically change their lives in the short term and instead set themselves up securely for life.

Did They Give Up The Day Job?

Interestingly the study found that only a minority spent less time working.

This is likely to be linked to a need for social contact, and a structuring of our time with an ‘everyday routine’. Or just that some people actually enjoy their job and feel it is part of their identity.

What About The Shopping Spree?

Again, winners tended to shy away from this. They expressed worries about wasting money on the ‘wrong’ things.

They also didn’t want their spending to affect their existing social lives or make it look like they had ‘changed’. So the winners previous lifestyles were actually a major factor in determining or rather limiting how luxurious their new lifestyles became.

So Were The Winners Really Happier Then?

Hell, yes!

Despite all this caution the winners had a very positive experience from their wins. They felt happiness and gratitude. And the money gave them a much greater sense of security, freedom and independence.

So next time you see a ‘lottery winner goes broke’ story, don’t let it stop you buying a ticket.

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