Barnsley Bachelor Hopes Lottery Win Leads To Love [video]

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Shaun Vincent didn’t even realise he had won the UK Lotto for two whole weeks.

It was only when lottery bosses started the search that Shaun noticed his numbers on a local news website, and realised he had won the jackpot of £1,158,038.

Bachelor Shaun, 42, was asked at his winners press conference if he thought he would now find himself fighting off the women. With a chuckle he replied – “hopefully!”

He currently works as a Supervisor at a meat packing plant, but hasn’t made any rash decisions about his future just yet. Although he has allowed himself a couple of weeks off to think things over.

As a lifetime supporter of Liverpool, top of his list for things to buy is of course a season ticket to Anfield.

But he also plans to pay off the mortgages for both his mum and sister.

Shaun doesn’t have immediate plans for a fancy sports car, but he does plan to take driving lessons while he considers what type of car to buy.

The winning numbers for the UK Lotto on Saturday June 11 were 9, 11, 35, 37, 40 and 45, with a bonus ball of 26.

Shaun bought his ticket at Sainsbury’s in Royston, buying his usual £5 lucky dip and one line of his own numbers. It was one of his lucky dip lines that won.

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