Man Wins £737000 And Promptly Retires

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What does it take for a man to decide to retire early?  For Alan Symons, all it took was for him to discover he had won a £737,000 jackpot from the National Lottery.  He had bought his winning lucky dip ticket from the Co-op in Freckleton.

He discovered his good fortune while checking through teletext at 5:00 am as he does regularly.  He had to check thrice, however, before finally believing that he had won a big jackpot.

Symons who lives with his partner, her two children and her mum in a three bedroom house, is now planning how best to spend his large windfall.  He says that the decision will be something the whole family will do together.

One thing he has decided on his own was to retire just a bit early – he is now 55, so he believes that his spot of good fortune could not have come at a better time.


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