Bird Seed Leads Woman To $1 Million Win

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There have been many interesting ways luck seems to find people who are meant to win big lottery jackpots.  For Pulaski, New York woman Barbara Krupke, it was a simple trip to the store to purchase bird seed which led her to buy a ticket which w0n a $1 million jackpot.

She had visited Kinney Drugs on Rome Road to purchase bird seed and a few other items.  While there she cashed winning scratch-off tickets for $15, and used the proceeds to purchase two more tickets – a $10 Set For Life and a $5 25X the Cash ticket.  It was the $5 ticket which turned out to be worth a cool million.

Krupke later opted to receive a single payment of $502,968 after taxes.  She want to share the money with relatives and keep some for herself and her husband, as both are retired from the restaurant business.


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